Please consider giving to this ministry (these donations are currently the only source of income).

This is the only page in English! Haha. It shows who we think have credit cards and PayPal accounts!  

Donations so far: $0 (That’s ok, this page has just gone up)

Costs so far: $1633.45 AUD (Breakdown: Webpage $489;Graphics: $251.45; Second camera $464, lights and tripod $387)

What would we do if we had additional sponsorship?

Short term:

  • Facebook advertising
  • More Facebook advertising
  • Print t-shirts to give to all people who contribute (promotion)
  • A big SSD to store media on
  • Upgrade online accounts (Google, SoundCloud,etc)
  • Upgrade software (Video editing etc)

Medium Term

  • Phones/cameras and microphones to get more people creating video and sound files

Long Term

  • Go fulltime in this ministry myself (Tom Richards).
  • Employ staff in Luganville, Vila, and Lenakel (to coordinate and create content).
  • Create a dedicated app (one that could manage downloads and phone-to-phone sharing)

These donations will go directly to me (Rev. Tom Richards) because while many people are helping in this new ministry, all costs are currently being met by me personally. I hope that in time Trutok will grow to the point that it has a board, but for now, it’s just late nights and spare change. I will publish a record of all donations given and money spent right here. If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, that is understandable, but if there is any further information that I can provide to encourage you to give, then please use the contact form below.